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Julia Wilson

Julia Wilson doesn’t see the world or live the way most of us do, she has a hell of a lot more fun. An Aussie woman like no other, Julia has headlined comedy events all over the world, thrilling audiences in Australia, Britain, South Africa, Croatia, Germany and Canada, with her own brand of filth. She is not for the faint hearted… you have been warned.
Wilson is as tough as a sack full of nails… takes you on a taste defying ride you won’t forget in a hurry.” – Drum Media, Australia
Laughter rips through her audiences like wildfire“- ComedyLive, Australia
Brilliant, filthy, cut-to-the-bone, fast-paced banter making you laugh til you have bellyache. ****” – Herald Sun, Australia
Her gags are fired off faster than snakebites in a mongoose cage…There’s nothing like laughing at other people’s misfortunes, and no guilt if you can claim you were scared into it… Be warned.” – TNT Magazine, UK
Brilliant” – Three Weeks, Scotland


Comedy at Lithgow Workies – SATURDAY – March 23, 2024. 7:30 pm – 10:00 pm